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Eating the Honey of Words The Insanity of Empire: A Book of Poems Against the Iraq War.

In this new 2004 release, Robert Bly collects some of his earlier poems and adds new poems that address the Iraq War and some of the ominous implications of that serious step taken by the Republican administration.

This collection also includes five new poems in the ghazal form, a form that contributed to the power of his book The Night Abraham Called to the Stars, published by HarperCollins in 2001. These poems include the now-famous poem "Call and Answer," which was one of the first poems written against the war, published in The Nation in August of 2002. Bly's new poems reach for that larger voice to which he has always been committed.

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The Night Abraham Called To The Stars The Night Abraham Called To The Stars

For visitors on this web site there is a special offer of First Edition hard bound copies of Robert Bly's book The Night Abraham Called to the Stars. You may order single copies for $12.00 each plus shipping. We hope to be able to offer this online via PayPal soon, and through Ally Press.

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May 3, 2001 Launch of the official Robert Bly Web site, providing readers with information on every facet of Robert Bly's literary career, including bibliographies, reviews, and interviews, as well as new essays, poems, and translations.